Family and BirthEdit

Adelia Boltus comes from a family of highly known witches and wizards all of the males of the family had been Slytherin and all of the females,Beauxbatons.Her mother came from a long line of Beauxbatons,a family called Knooper and her father came from a long line of Slytherins called Boltus.Her father's name was Jasefer Boltus, whom attended Hogwarts and later met her mother,Cosette Knooper,who was a student who transferred in her Third year from Beauxbaton's Academy of Witchcraft to The Slytherin Academy.They were both made Prefects in their Fifth year despite the fact that Cosette could not speak English well.Though Cosette


Cosette on her wedding day before she walked down the isle.

could not speak good English when she met the Boltus,Jasefer,he began to help her learn and in exchange she taught him French.By their Sixth year Cosette spoke acceptional English but not without an accent which she would probably never lose and Jasefer spoke acceptional French.Before Summer Break they were caught in a dispute over something Jasefer had said to her for supposedly having dirty blood because of her Veela roots,He had called her a "Half-breed".During the summer before their Seventh year the two ran into each other at a local market where they resolved the fight they had had at the very end of their Sixth year and so they were friends again but not without vigilance from Cosette which set them a bit further apart.By the end of their Seventh year they were very close and had become more than friends.They were now in a romantic relationship that led to an engagement on the 24th of December,Christmas Eve they day after she had learned she was expecting their first and only child.Cosette agreed and on the 1st of March they were wed at Midnight.After their wedding they honeymooned in France in her parents old house and this was when they were attacked by Death Eaters.They had already killed her parents.Her mother because she was half Veela and because her father was a Pure-Blood who was a Blood Traitor.Seeing as Cosette was a skilled Occlumens she could lie to her attackers easily and lie they were both Pure-Blood Honeymooners.They could not find a reason to find otherwise but their suspiscions would be revisited when they returned to England to discover a picture in the Knooper's house of Cosette right after she had graduated.They returned but Cosette and Jasefer were gone.It was as if they had turned invisible when in reality they had fled to Germany.Cosette was a wreck and because of this she was placed into hiding along with her new husband.Albus Dumbledore was who placed them into hiding.Albus was killed soon after and they were no longer safe, so one night Jasefer traveled back to England and confronted Voldemort.He told Voldemort if he would let his wife and child alone Voldemort could take him prisioner or kill him whichever the Dark Lord decided.Voldemort decided the latter but did not even try to keep the deal.He searched six months for Cosette Boltus and her unborn child but never found them.That was until Cosette had to go to St. Mungo's to have the child.After the child was born Cosette
Adelia as a baby

Adelia as a baby.

named her Adelia and no longer than an hour afterward Voldemort appeared wand in hand ready to kill but Cosette was quicker she jumped in front of her daughters crib and refused to let him near, but sadly she was killed by him.He tried to torture Adelia first knowing that if Cosette had given Adelia the same protection as Lily Potter had to Harry Potter he would be dissembodied again.When it didn't work he left quickly but had to kill three nurses that were half-bloods.Adelia Boltus was taken to her closest relative that was still alive which was her Pure-blood Aunt and Uncle on her fathers side.They took her in and were glad not knowing that Adelia's mother Cosette had been part Veela and had passed it to her daughter.They thought the child was just a very pretty Pure-blood and they lied to the hild telling her they were her parents.They were sadly mistaken...

Schooling and MarriageEdit

Adelia entered The Slytherin Academy at age 11 and much to her adopted mother and father's surprise she was sorted into Ravenclaw.Adelia found herself still more and more proud of Pure-bloods as she became friends with many Slytherins rather than Ravenclaws.She found every other House incompatant of magic because the Slytherin house had no one less than Half-blood which made her wish even more she had been placed in that house.She asked the Headmistress to transfer her,but the Headmistress told her distinctly,"Every student is placed in their House for a reason.Before your seven years have ended you will know why."This didn't satisfy her so she began to delve into the Dark Arts as a student.She even found a section of books on the Death Eaters and Lord Voldemort down Knockturn Alley during the summer of her fifth year and quickly decided she wanted to become a Death Eater.This made her adopted mother and father ecstatic and they completely supported her choices and they became involved with Voldemort soon after she became interested.Their motive in doing so was to get to a high rank making their adopted daughter an instant insider,or one to bear the Dark Mark.It did not take long for them to reach near the top.The only person who stood in their way was Bellatrix Lestrange,but they dared not kill the Dark Lord's favorite.It would murder their and their adopted daughter's chances.Voldemort soon showed interest in the young witch Adelia,a prodigy as her teachers thought.

It was in the end of her Sixth year she was sent by owl and invitation to join them in the Malfoy Manner for a short discussion.It was here she was given a status as a Death Eater.She was given duties during the summer before her seventh year and Voldemort was pleased with her success.He approved of the fact that there was a younger witch who could do harm to others with no conscience.In her Seventh year she began to slowly weed out the young witches and wizards that were directly involved with the Order of the Pheonix.It was now that the Third Wizarding War began.

After she graduated she met a man that was two years older than she.She instantly fell in love and it wasn't long after that she was engaged to a man named Perseus Chasseur,a man with the same blood status as she was alleged of.During their engagement Adelia found she was to have a child and she told her


Adelia at her Wedding right before she walked down the Isle.

fiance.They decided to move the wedding closer and it was on the seventh of April.Everything was going wonderful;her adopted parents were proud to have a daughter as a Death Eater,proud she was getting married to a Pure-blooded Slytherin,and proud she was to have his child.So on April Seventh when she was getting ready to walk down the isle she confided to her adopted mother that she was not having just one but two children.They were to be twins.Her mother smiled and then kissed her on both cheeks and walked out.

Adelia and Perseus were wed and Adelia became Adelia Belle Chasseur.They ended up skipping their honeymoon due to a sudden battle at Hogwarts.Most of the students and teachers were fighting to kill and Adelia and Perseus joined in the fight.Many of the Death Eaters especially Perseus fought to keep Adelia safe but she was hit with s stunning spell half way through the battle and fell unconscious backwards out a window.The spell 'Levicorpus' was cast by another student.She was not far from the ground when she was saved, so when the young boy was shot and killed she hit the ground with force. It was not enough to hurt her or her unborn twins.She lay unconscious for the rest of the battle and was found slightly after and was presumed dead considering there was no pulse they could find.When she woke she had a searing head ache.She exited the grounds towards the forest and then apparated back home where her husband was grieving.He was excited to find her alive and asked what had happened so she explained.He was happy to know she was alive, but it bothered him a small fraction that the boy who had saved her had been killed.He shrugged it off as nothing and then contacted Voldemort and told him what had happened.

Children and DeathEdit

Adelia had her twins six months later on a cold November day.One was female and the other was male.They named them Absolon and Adele.The twins were taught the dark arts before they even entered the school and already had their hearts set on becomming Death Eaters.When they both turned 11 they entered Hogwarts.Absolon was


Adele as a baby.


Absolon as a baby.

aced in Slytherin and Adele into Ravenclaw.Adele found her place in Ravenclaw but wrote to her mother and father explaining how much she had wished she was in Slytherin with her brother.Adelia shared what she was told by her Headmistress with her daughter,"Every student is placed in their House for a reason.Before your seven years have ended you will know why."Adele and Absolon both became Prefects in their Fifth year,they both Exceeded Expectations in their O.W.L.s and their N.E.W.T.s,In their Seventh year the Triwizard Tournament came to the school where Adele was selected and she won miraculously.

Right after this is when records were found of Adelia's birth.Voldemort had been curious as to what had happened to the child he had wanted to kill so many years ago and now he had them.He accused Adelia of knowingly lying to him,her

Absolon as a teenager

Absolun on the night of the ball for the Triwizard tournament.

husband,and everyone she ever knew and he killed her without letting her even defend herself.Perseus was angered and challenged Voldemort to a battle he

Adele on the night of the Ball for the Triwizard tournament.

would not win.He was killed too and when Adelia's elderly mother(aunt) and father(uncle) stepped forward and told him they had lied so she could have a life as the most respected of all witches and wizards.They were also killed.Perseus and Adelia Chasseur's daughter and son were openly depressed and on an ebony dark night a year after their parents and grandparents murders they took their own lives together.This ended the Boltus and Knooper lines that had gone on for over 300 years.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Adelia was a tall,beautiful half veela woman with long curly light brown hair with darker streaks.She has striking blue eyes and very full lips.She had a smile that could shine through the night,but hidden under that smile she used to charm so many was a pure grimace of hatred.Her eye-brows were thin and her eyelashes long and thick;the color of her hair.Her cheeks were rosey and her skin pale.Her hair was shiny and always fixed.She was 'seemingly perfect' was how some described her.

Character and TraitsEdit

She was described as evil,snake-like in her manner of trickiness,and always the first to punish.She was very compassionate toward family especially her daughter Adele.She bonded closely with her and was always the first one Adele would come to for help.

She was great at using the element of surprise and when she did would never lose a kill.She was very understanding towards family.She never punished her children except through glares that soon they both learned to fear.She was humorous and affectionate when it came to Pure-bloods and towards Mud-bloods and Half-breeds, she was sharp-tongued,rude,and hard to deal with.

Magical AbilitiesEdit

Adelia was an extremely powerful and dangerous witch, third only to Lord Voldemort among the death eaters. She was a master of the Dark Arts, an incredibly skilled duelist, and an Occlumens. Her prodigious skill was proven by her many victories over other talented wizards and witches, including several Aurors.

Dark Arts- She was known as the darkest and most sinister witch of her time.She delved into the Dark Arts and did every bit of them,but creating Horcruxes.

Non-verbal magic-She was very skilled in this and was know to even use the Killing Curse without saying a single word.

Duelling-She was skilled and always won the duel.She was of prodigous skill and many thought her even better than Bellatrix Lestrange.

Occlumency-She was extrodinary at this and even the most powerful Leglimens could not enter her mind.

Transfiguration-She learned this talent from Bellatrix.When she transfigured she would do so silently.

Flying-She could fly without a broom quite skillfully and was often seen fighting in mid-air with enemies.