Amelia Higgs (April 5, 1983 - ) was born to Bertie and Mr. Higgs, an aging couple who worked for Magical Law Enforcement and already had one child, Amelia's older brother Terrence Higgs. She and her brother were very close from a young age, especially because their parents were absent. She looked up to Terrence as both a brother and the active father figure in her life.

Her very first sign of magic was in the midst of a temper tantrum, wherein she levitated a cookie jar over a tutor's head and then exploded it. The tutor had minor cuts and quit, and Amelia got a bunch of biscuits. Her wicked temper was always a factor, especially since she had been so spoiled by Terrence who called her his "Angel." However, their relationship was not always smooth. She was very upset when Terrence had to leave for Slytherin Academy, and tried to steal away in his trunk, and deliberately accused him of wanting to leave her in order to hurt him. For the first month she refused to answer his owls or his journal.

Slytherin AcademyEdit

Amelia arrived at Slytherin Academy on April 4, 1999. Because of her parents' status in the MLE and her brother's status in the school, she recieved a private room. Shortly after she arrived, she reunited with Terrence, or T, as she called him, and later his protege Zacharias Smith, known as Z. Z quickly nicknamed her Ruby because of her deep red hair and her adoration with red -- extending to her ruby red ink used in her journal.

Shortly after her arrival, Terrence found a stack of Playwizards, which led to an awkward conversation over Amelia's sexuality, which at that point she had not entirely figured out. Later, Zacharias would become her enabler for both girlie magazines and cigarettes. Terrence and Amelia had a few fights before he graduated, one of which had to do with their respective relationships with Gabrielle Delacour and Ella Lestrange.

Amelia attended the Debutante Ball by herself, as she arrived just days before it occured. Her violin was damaged following the Ashwinder Egg Explosion and

Ella LestrangeEdit

Ella is close in age to Amelia, and someone she hates more than anyone else she has ever met, and given her feelings for her parents, is saying a lot. She thinks Ella is the scum of the Earth, and it doesn't help that she's dating her older brother. Because of Amelia's unorthodox relationship with T acting as her father figure as well as her brother, she has no idea how to cope with him being seriously romantically involved with someone, which puts Ella on a level with a stepmother. It doesn't help that she feels as though Ella has replaced her as who is most important in T's life.

Still, despite her hatred for the other girl, she is desperately trying to get along with her, even going so far as to tryout and make the Quidditch team Ella captains, Araneaes.

Gabrielle DelacourEdit


Shortly after arriving at Slytherin Academy, Amelia met Gabrielle Delacour, who had just arrived from Beauxbatons following the death of her parents. They bonded in broken English and bad attempts at French over poetry and music. At first, Gabrielle pushed Amelia away, which made Amelia seek out advice from Gabrielle's sister, etiquette professor, Fleur Delacour. After awhile they figured things out and started a relationship, despite the disapproval of Terrence.

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