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Bellatrix (Black) Lestrange: (April 4, 1951-) Bellatrix is the firstborn of three daughters from Cygnus and Druella (Rosier) Black. The Blacks are a traditional pureblood family who believed that the place of a Black woman was to be proper, well educated, poised, to marry a pureblood man, and to have pureblooded children. By the age of five Bellatrix was well educated in both linguistics and music; she can play both the piano and the harp and can speak French, Italian and German. When she was two her middle sister Andromeda was born, and when she was four, her youngest sister Narcissa joined the family.

Bellatrix went to Hogwarts and was sorted into Slytherin House, as most of her family before her. At age fourteen she began collecting knives. She started dating Rodolphus Lestrange in school, and shortly after she graduated, they were married. Shortly after her graduation, Bellatrix sided with Lord Voldemort becoming one of his most loyal Death Eaters. After Voldemort's takeover, she became the Voice of Voldemort, his right hand.


After the war she and Rodolphus started their family, having Vera, Ella, and Pollux Lestrange. Bellatrix keeps in close contact with Narcissa, having disowned Andromeda for marrying muggleborn Theodore Tonks. She tries to attend her daughters Quidditch games at Slytherin Academy, and was in attendance at the Debutante Ball. She currently has her runaway daughter Vera Lestrange in their home.

Note: Bellatrix Lestrange was a Previously Played character. This reflects the second and current incarnation of Bellatrix in the game.

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