The first Breeding Camp was created in 1992 in Dorset, England. Since coming to power, Lord Voldemort had come to realise that without more pure blood and less inbreeding, the wizards would soon die out. He ordered that young men and women who met the criteria should be forced to breed to create more wizarding stock. Since then, several smaller camps have been set up around the country including one in London. These camps focus more on experimental breeding, which the one in Dorset continues to churn out children with half or pure blood to join Voldemort's cause.

Dorset Breeding CampEdit

The camp is about the size of a moderate estate and is mostly dirt, gravel and mud, with a main building for administration and several outbuildings for the inmates, to whom the camp guards refer to as 'stock'. The administrator of the Camp is Edward MacNair, second cousin to Afton MacNair.


  • A: Male Stock
  • B: Female Stock
  • Private rooms for visitors, attached to B building
  • C: Bred Stock
  • D: Nursery
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