Ginevra Molly Weasley (August 11, 1981-) The youngest child and only daughter of Molly Weasley and Arthur Weasley. Goes most often by the name of Ginny. She has seven older brothers, William Weasley, Charles Weasley, Percival Weasley, Fred Weasley, George Weasley and Ronald Weasley. Being that she was born at the very end of the war, and coming from a family of bloodtraitors, Ginny spent her entire childhood on the run, moving from safehouse to safehouse avoiding the bounty hunters who were after them.


Ginny spent her childhood moving from place to place in order to keep under the nose of the new regime. Because the family was so large and it was vastly difficult to keep nine people safe from harm, they often split up in order to stay safe. She, along with the younger of the siblings, getting very close to her brother Ron. They would sometimes visit with the other half of the family, catching up and making sure everyone was accounted for, but the visits were few and far between.

Ginny was only four years old when her brother Bill was captured at the age of 16 to be taken to Slytherin Academy. He had been with Arthur at the time of capture and because they'd fought the Snatchers sent to collect him, Bill was brought to the Academy as a servant. The family mourned his loss and vowed to keep more vigilant about keeping everyone safe.

The family did well to hide for the next five years. Charlie's sixteenth birthday came and went and with it, Charlie and Arthur hid deeply enough to avoid being captured. On Percy's sixteenth birthday however, it was not snatchers who took him away, but his desire to learn. Disowning his family and pledging allegiance to the new regime, he joined the student body of Slytherin Academy. This devestated the family just as badly if not moreso than when Bill had been taken. It was his own decision to abandon them, causing Ginny to feel as though her brother didn't care for her at all anymore. This tore her up inside and would cause her pain for years to come.

Marvolo SchoolEdit

While preparing for the twins, Fred and George, to be safely hidden away on the approach of their sixteen birthday, Ginny was to be let off on her own for the firs time to stay with a close friend of the family at their safehouse. There was to be little risk involved in this excursion as Ginny was to be under the guise of polyjuice potion to hide her identity. She was to take the Muggle train to her destination and meet with her borders at the cafe on the corner. It was all to be very safe. What they had not counted on was the supply of polyjuice potion to be faulty. Somewhere between getting off the train and arriving on the street, Ginny's disguise fell away. She tried to hurry to the cafe, knowing that her potion had failed her and that she was at a great risk, someone spotted her trademark hair, and apparated her away before she reached the door.

After putting up quite the fight against her captor, managing to cause him more than just a few physical injuries (among them bitemarks that she was sure would scar), she was stunned. Not waking up until she was in The Marvolo School.

In the school she was among the captives who were pure or half-blooded slated for an attempt at rehabilitation. However, that attempt was soon given up on her when it was clear that no amount of torture or degradation would be useful on her. It was while at the school that she met Colin Creevey, a muggleborn who had been raised along with his brother Denis at the school. Colin and Ginny were not exactly fast friends, but in time they learned to trust and rely on one another, becoming quite close. Colin left the school several months before Ginny's sixteenth birthday as he was older.

Slytherin AcademyEdit

On her sixteenth birthday, Ginny was shipped off to Slytherin Academy to join the ranks of the Servants. Life was vastly different here than it had been at The Marvolo School. For one, she was expected to clean, not merely just survive, for another, she was being bossed around by children her own age or only slightly older, which did not sit well with her. She spent the better part of her first year and a half there in and out of trouble for insubordination or wrongfully standing up for another servant. She earned herself quite a reputaion. Some servants steered clear because they figured she would drag them into trouble, others looked to her for help and a few joined her as partners in crime so to speak. There were a fair few that she was relatively close to aside from Colin (who she was very happy to see had survived a few months without her), notibly Luna Lovegood, whose death had a profound effect on Ginny.

Ginny spent many of days trying to find out news about her family. Whether they were safe or captured, or worse. No news was generally good news, so she managed to stay pretty positive about their situation. In February 1999, a new groundskeeper had been brought in from one of the labor camps. After a rather awkward and coincidental meeting with this new groundskeeper Ginny discovered it was her brother Bill, whom she had not seen since she was four years old. This was a happy reunion, each knowing the other had been in captivity and each happy to be able to look after the other.

Days later another new arrival came. Ron, who had been in the middle of an attempt to rescue Ginny from the castle had underestimated the heads of the academy and was caught trying to pose as a student. When Ginny found him, he was fresh from a month of torture. Devistated that another member of her family was stuck in the life she had landed herself in, she was determined to help Ron any way she could.

Despite her general mistrust of students and any member of the Ruling Class, Ginny managed to make a few allies among the ranks, such as Romilda Vane, Zacharias Smith and Michelle Moon.

Friends among the staff is limited to Fleur Delacour, who proved to be sympathetic to the servants as well as romantically involved with Ginny's oldest brother.

Pansy ParkinsonEdit

Halfway or so through her second year at the academy, Ginny was assigned to be a personal servant to Pansy Parkinson. Not trusting any student as far as she could throw them, Ginny and Pansy had a rough start. Pansy was never outright cruel to her, but she was clearly the one in charge and Ginny wasn't ever one to handle that well. However, during Pansy's kidnapping by The Outsiders, Pansy experienced kidness from her captors, and soon realized that had she been held captive by the other side, torture and death would be the only things she had to look forward to. This inspired a change in heart of the older girl who developed a plan to help overthrow the system from the inside. Convincing Ginny that she had jumped sides, she set out to teach Ginny magic, procuring a wand and everything. The guise would be difficult and would require delicasy on all ends, but they were sure it would work.

Neville LongbottomEdit

Soon after arriving at the academy, Ginny ended up on friendly terms with Neville Longbottom. Neville and Ginny were very alike and pretty soon were looking out for and covering one another's backs. Ginny grew to trust him after a few saves of her life and considered him one of her very best friends. With the help of a "borrowed" book from Lucius Malfoy that was stolen from his drawer and copied from, they began to teach themselves wandless magic. After a few failed individual attempts, their combined effort and entire joint concentration managed to light a candle and levetate it.

Her feelings for him began to develop into that of more than friendship. At first she denied the feelings to herself, insisting that she was just concerned about him, but her attraction to him and care for him, turned into much more than that of his well-being. She did not, however divulge these feelings right away

When he was assigned to Evan Rosier, Neville entrusted his mother's mirror and the Marauders' Map for safe keeping. It was then that they also shared their first kiss, though it would be their second that would be forever solidified in her mind.

About a month went by with minimal contact with Neville. Aside from a brief and unsettling conversation at the Servant Fair, she had no idea what was going on. She began looking for ways to potentially rescue him

After a few more obsticals the two were free enough to persue a romatic involvement. Despite trying to keep it secret, they were outted to their families after Bill and Ron noticed their affections during the lock down for the Ashwinder Egg Incident.

Ginny finds Neville absolutely adorable.

Family TiesEdit

Ginny's relationship with each of her family members is vastly different. Because the family was split up and separated so much, she had very different experiences with each of her brothers and their relationships reflect those uniquities.

===Bill === The oldest of the Weasley siblings and the most distant from her childhood memories. Ginny did not really get to know Bill until she was 17. In the few months he's been at the Academy working as a groundskeeper, she has gotten quite close with him. He was the first of her family that she'd heard from in four years of captivity. She visits him at his hut on the school grounds more frequently than she ought to.

===Charlie === Ginny has more memories of Charlie, but many are transient. She never spent any extended amount of time with Charlie growing up. He stayed mostly with their Dad while she stayed mostly with her Mum. She remembers him being much better than she is and a good listener.

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