Early LifeEdit

Luna Lovegood (October 1, 1981 - May 16, 1999) Luna was born to Xenophilius and Mrs. Lovegood, a harmless, neutral pureblood family. Her mother passed away from Dragon Pox when she was five, though Xenophilius taught her that she contracted a disease from a Heliopath. Luna grew up learning about strange creatures and secret conspiricies from her father, who ran the now defunct newspaper The Quibbler. When Luna was nearly sixteen, they packed up and hid in a cabin the Lovegoods had used for research in Sweden.

Capture & The AcademyEdit

Approximately a year later, Luna was captured after her faither was killed by the Snatchers, and taken to Slytherin Academy as a servant. She was among the clamest and most well-liked servants, becoming friends with Ernest MacMillan, Mandy Brocklehurst, Andrew Kirke, Ginny Weasley, and even her Student, Vera Lestrange. While at the 1999 Servant Fair she caught the attention of Evan Rosier, Slytherin Academy Healer, who later engaged in sexual relations with her.


On May 16, 1999 she was killed in a class demonstration in one of Amycus Carrow's Dark Arts classes, where she was being tortured by Gregory Goyle without complaint or noise, until she died. Assistant Healer and Student Theodore Nott pronounced her dead at the scene.

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