Early LifeEdit


Morag Nessa MacDougal (October 31, 1979 - ) was born in Loch Lomond, Scotland, in her family's main keep, MacDougal Castle. She was the first MacDougal daughter in a generation, a relief since in her family, only women could inherit. Her parents, Lachina and Durgvail MacDougal already had a son, Niall. On Morag's second birthday, Harry Potter was killed. It didn't really effect Morag's family or how they viewed the world. To them, Voldemort was just another Englishman who wanted more power. In their Ravenclaw family tradition, both their children were taught multiple languages including: Gàidhlig, Gaeilge, Cymraeg, Scots, English, French, Latin, Greek, Arabic and Russian. Aside from languages, the pair were also taught many types of magic, including Herbology at which Morag failed spectacularly. Durgvail also taught his children swordfighting and hand-to-hand combat, both necessary things for life at the claim as the many people who lived on the land often got together for such entertainments. Whiskey from the family's distillary was often common as well. When she was five she was witness to her mother killing her Uncle Renauld, and at nine was blooded on her first fox hunt, both of which cemented her fascination with blood and death and life.

When she was fourteen, her brother went off to Slytherin Academy, and came back resentful of his sister, of her position, and even of their religion and holidays. It was so very different from what he had learned at the Academy, this idea of the daughter inheriting instead of the firstborn or the son. The idea of women being stronger was also something that had been if not discouraged in the Academy, at least hampered-- so that when he came back he felt as though his sister had stolen from him. Eventually, he married and chose as a wife Gormlaith Pierce, a pureblooded Scottish girl who was submissive and even-tempered, much to his family's chagrin. Much of this changed Morag's relationship with her brother to one of distrust and misunderstanding.

Morag lost her virginity in Beltane rites in 1994, the summer before she went to Slytherin Academy, and was given Gylen Castle on the Island of Kerrera as a gift.


Gylen Castle

Slytherin AcademyEdit

Morag entered Slytherin Academy on her sixteenth birthday, October 31, 1996. She was automatically struck with the fact that it seemed like another world, even if she was closer to home than most of the students. She was forced to use English all or most of the time, and many of the views the students seemed to have were foreign. Morag felt very homesick, and because of this often slept on the roof of Gaunt Tower, as the famillarity of the lake and the forest and the woods let her pretend she was at home. She joined Draconis in 1997 as a Beater. By 1999 she was close friends with Romilda Vane and Draco Malfoy. After Draco lost his privilages following the rescue of Pansy Parkinson, Morag gained the private room that had once belonged to him. Shortly after that she gained a personal servant, Shaela Fawcett.

In May of 1999, she entered into a romatic relationship with Draco Malfoy, and in June rejected a marriage contract from fellow student and friend of her
brother Cormac McLaggen.

Queen of SwordsEdit

After the Ashwinder Egg Explosion, Morag became very disillusioned with Headmistress Umbridge, especially after she punished Romilda for speaking out against the bread and water rations of the servants, and Morag'sown frustration with that situation, as it interfered with her experiment with Shaela. Morag, as such, put together an article for The Daily Prophet, and after the immediate reaction, took up the pen-name the Queen of Swords after the tarot card, and a brief conversation with Draco wherein she dubbed him her 'King of Cups'. This psedonym she uses for her plots to bring down the Headmistress, though she may expand it's use later.

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