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Neville Algernon Longbottom (30 July 1980) is the only child of Alice and Frank Longbottom. He was born just one day before Harry Potter and was a candidate for the child spoken about in the prophecy spoken by Sibyll Trelawny that ultimately led to Harry's death. Whether his candidacy has become invalid has not yet been confirmed.

The AcademyEdit

Following the succesful rise to power of Lord Voldemort, Neville's family went into hiding. Despite their efforts, Neville was taken by Snatchers when he turned sixteen, and sent to the Slytherin Academy as a servant. He was assigned as a personal servant to Draco Malfoy after about a year, but found himself unassigned again after Malfoy was stripped of all priviliges after leaving the castle to rescue Pansy Parkinson. During this period he saw his mother and father again after being sepearated from them for nearly two years, when they broke into the castle with the help of James Potter. They provided him with the Marauder's Map and an enchanted mirror which he could use to contact his parents. While at the Academy, Neville developed a need to protect and look out for his fellow servants, especially those who could not protect themselves, including Lavender Brown and Justin Finch-Fletchley. Among his many mischievious adventures, breaking into Professor Lucius Malfoy's office had the worst consequences. He was beaten and cursed to within an inch of his life by both Malfoy and Professor Umbridge.

Evan RosierEdit

Shortly after Neville was released from the service of Draco Malfoy, Healer Evan Rosier returned to the Academy. Since Neville had done odd jobs for him during his first year, Rosier requested his services in cleaning the hospital wing. During one of these visits, Rosier tied Neville to a table and abused him physically and sexually. Neville fought back with a burst of raw wandless magic which nearly rendered Rosier unconcious. As a result, Professor Umbridge was about to order that Neville be put to death, but Rosier suggested assigning Neville to himself instead, effectively saving his life.

While assigned to Rosier for a period of about a month, Neville spent most of his time hanging from the ceiling by his wrists in a hidden room inside Rosier's wardrobe. He was starved and tortured by Rosier and also Rosier's friend Barty Crouch on at least one occasion. He was let out only once to attend the Servant Fair. His only other visitors were Theodore Nott and Zacharias Smith, who broke in to give him medical attention. Noticing the change in his demeanor, Rosier promised him his freedom if he gave up the names of his helpers, which he did. He was released from the wardrobe and after a few days allowed to return to the dormitories. When Draco Malfoy's punishment was revoked, he asked Rosier if he could have Neville back, to which Rosier agreed.

Ginny WeasleyEdit

Neville and Ginny were good friends dating from shortly after her arrival at the Academy on her sixteenth birthday. Together they endeavoured to learn about and do wandless magic with the help of a book they borrowed from Lucius Malfoy without his knowledge. Neville began to develop romantic feelings for her during this time, but did not express them until he found out that he was going to be assigned to Evan Rosier. He gave her his mother's mirror and the Maruader's Map, and they shared their first kiss. They spoke briefly during the Servant Fair, and Ginny, unbeknownst to him, began looking for ways to rescue him from Rosier.

When Neville was released from Rosier's room, he and Ginny developed a romantic relationship. Although they had an unspoken agreement to keep it a secret, their closeness was noticed by her brothers Bill and Ron during the lockdown following the Ashwinder Egg Explosion, and the information leaked to both their respective families.

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