The Life of Pollux Lestrange:Beginning to EndEdit

Pollux Lestrange was the second child born to Bellatrix and Rodolphus Lestrange.When he was 11 he entered Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where he was sorted into Slytherin much like his sister Vera

Pollux after he graduated from Hogwartz.

Lestrange.Here he became a Quidditch player and also met several children of Death Eaters like his two cousins,Aquila and Vulpecula Lestrange,whom where his father's brother's children.They became close friends and began to travel together much like a gang or clique.They tormented most younger children and even the older ones.Pollux soon had a run in with a 3rd year RavenClaw who was named Cassia Carrow,who's father was Amycus Carrow and her mother was a former Ravenclaw named Kara Carrow (Née-Pruett).He had a unforseen battle with the 3rd year and it came out to a draw seeming as neither could disarm the other permanently.Pollux claimed to others that he won it and completely disregarded a friendly hand shake from the girl,Cassia.Cassia became angry with Pollux and completely disregarded any acknowledgement over the next three years.When they were both in their Sixth year they ran into each other and soon found each other to become good friends.In the Summer time before he was to start his Seventh year Pollux's mother Bellatrix became angry with him for accidentally harming his younger sister Ella with the Cruciatus curse when he was practicing outside their home.Ella was hospitalized in St. Mungo's and after a few weeks returned to their home in time for her to depart to Hogwarts for her Third year.Bellatrix made known to his father about what had happened and his father too became angry and punished his son by telling the Headmistress he was not allowed to play his Quidditch position that year as Team Captain.In his Seventh year he became very angry and the only person who could stand to be

Cassia after she graduated from Hogwarts.

around him was the RavenClaw,Cassia Carrow.They soon entered a Romantic relationship and at the end of the year they both entered the Death Eaters and were immediatly made into high positions.Soon after there was a battle at Hogwarts where Pollux and Cassia were seen fighting side by side and Pollox's spell missed the Headmistress and hit his father instead.Pollux was never the same again almost always refused to use the Killing Curse unless absolutely necessary.He asked Cassia to marry him a year after the battle and they were wed.Bellatrix was not happy to be a Mother-in-Law to a Carrow but soon got over it.Cassia had their first child on October 31st and they continued Pollux's family tradition and named the baby boy Aries Amycus Lestrange.Aries was to be their only son among five children.They hade a set of

Aries at age 11 before he left for Slytherin Academy.

twins next.Both were female and they were named Lyra Bellatrix Lestrange and Saggita Narcissa Lestrange.Only 11 months after they

had yet another girl which they named Libra Kara Lestrange.And it was only one year later that they had their Fifth and final child whom was a girl named Mensa Cassia Lestrange.Cassia died during child birth of Mensa.Cassia was burried next to Rodolphus Lestrange and Bellatrix's parents Cygnus and Druella Black.Pollux raised all of his children until they graduated when


Libra at age 8.

they too became Death Eaters.Mensa Cassia Lestrange was always very distant and was described as oblivious to the world as it was.Instead she always seemed to imagine what she wished her world was like so Voldemort interogated her multiple times sometimes even using the Cruciatus curse upon her which just furthered her mind.She was soon unrecognizable by her father and he
Lyra and Saggita

Lyra and Saggita when they are 8.


Mensa at age 11 right before she started Slytherin Academy.

torn to shreds.He soon became depressed when his youngest daughter Mensa became ill.He could do nothing but watch her die,but as a miracle she lived.Pollux became Voldemort's right hand after his mother Bellatrix Lestrange died and Voldemort soon fell to trust Pollux's children too.He allowed Pollux's children to teach at The Slytherin Academy-formally Hogwarts-after Voldemort infiltrated The Slytherin Academy.Although shortly after,Voldemort was killed by a group of The Outsiders and Pollux soon followed along with his son,Aries,and his daughter,Saggita.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Pollux was a tall,lithe man with long dark brown hair and almost black eyes which some say 'seem to see into your soul and read your inner most secrets'.He was around 6'3 in height and his skin was pale.His eyes a bit sunken and his face shared his father's shape.He has a cold calculating voice and his lips were thin and seemed to always have a angry feeling to them.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Pollux was cold, and was raised believing in blood purity.He was in close relations with the Death Eaters and did recieve the Dark Mark upon his left fore-arm.Pollux is proud and very sharp tongued.He believes sharply in the importance of blood purity and in his family's wealth,he is disdainful toward Muggleborns,and other non-Pureblood's such as Fenrir Greyback. While he treats most people coldly,Pollux is very loving towards and devoted to his family. He was willing to do whatever it took to keep his children safe when t hey were put in danger. Rodolphus and his relationship strayed but it was never completely cut off.He and his younger sister Ella never spoke again after the accident though and she never forgave him until he was already dead.

Magical AbilitiesEdit

Dark Arts: Pollux was described by and to others as a Dark Wizard.There is no doubt about whether he was a practitioner of the Dark Arts.

'''Occlumency: Pollux was a wide known Occlumens and one of the best of the decade.

Duellist: Not as powerful a duelist as his prodigious mother,Bellatrix Lestrange, he was quite skilled in the art and would often kill in battle.