Hogwarts was closed during Voldemort’s rise to power, but after a year or two was reopened under the name The Slytherin Academy, with Dolores Umbridge as Headmistress. Minister Pettigrew passed a law that all pureblood and halfblood children must attend the Academy between the ages of sixteen and twenty-one. The curriculum is designed to groom young wizards and witches to join either the ranks of the Death Eaters or Pettigrew’s government. The students are allowed two weeks holiday at Christmas and four weeks during the summer during the month of July, as well as scheduled visitation days and Hogsmeade weekends.

Areas of the CastleEdit

Gaunt TowerEdit

Gryffindor tower, renamed Gaunt Tower, is where most of the students reside during their years at the Academy.

Personal RoomsEdit

Older students, or those with family connections, can have their own rooms within the castle, and may be assigned personal servants.


The dungeons at Slytherin Academy are reserved for potions classes and servant accomadations, which are one dorm for each gender which share a large bathroom.

List of Professors & StaffEdit

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