Those few people who have managed to escape Voldemort's rule are known colloquially as ‘The Outsiders’. These people are in quite deep hiding, as anyone who does not swear fealty to Voldemort is immediately killed or imprisoned. James and Lily Potter were some of the first of these, followed closely by Sirius Black and other members of the Order of the Phoenix. Many Outsiders have chosen to live in France or other West European countries where Voldemort has little control, but some have decided to stay in the Britain (albeit in remote areas) to be close to their family and friends who remain in constant danger. However, no hiding place is foolproof. Alice and Frank Longbottom found that out the hard way when the Death Eaters came for their son on his sixteenth birthday. Though Neville was captured, the ex-Aurors managed to escape, but the lesson was soon learned by all the Outsiders. Voldemort has eyes everywhere. Recently the Outsiders have strengthened their contacts together, some of them even coming to live together in a communal house.

List of OutsidersEdit