A significant event in game is roughly defined as an event that affects more than one or two characters, or is necessary for further significant events to proceed.


  • 8th January 2010: first thread posted in Age of Darkness[1] at
  • 31st January 1999: After two and a half years, Alice Longbottom finally gets in contact with her son Neville, using a coded message [4]


  • 8th February 1999: James Potter and Alice Longbottom break into the Slytherin Academy, where they encounter Neville, Ginny Weasley and Justin Finch-Fletchley. They recover James' invisibility cloak from its hiding place. [5]
  • 11th February 1999: Vera Lestrange accidentally makes contact with her aunt, Andromeda Tonks [6]
  • 12th Feburary 1999: While in Diagon Alley, Sirius Black is identified and captured by Pansy Parkinson andLucius Malfoy. [7]
  • 20th February 1999: James and Alice return to the castle, this time accompanied by Frank, Remus and Lily. Nevile receives the Marauder's map and the two-way mirror.
  • 22nd February 1999: Using James' invisibility cloak, Remus breaks into the Ministry and rescues Sirius. [8]
  • 23rd February 1999: Andromeda makes contact with her sister Narcissa Malfoy.[9]
  • 26th February 1999: Bill Weasley returns to the Sltyherin Academy as the unpaid Groundskeeper [10]
  • 28th February 1999: Ron Weasley is released from isolation and it is revealed that he has been imprisoned at the Academy for about a month.[11]
  • 28th February 1999: Vera makes contact with her cousin Sirius Black [12]


  • 1st March 1999: Fleur Delacour, the new Professor of Etiquette, holds a tea party in an attempt to make friends and allegiances with the servants. [13]
  • 6th March 1999: Anthony Goldstein is tortured by Terrence Higgs and Zacharias Smith. [14]
  • 8th March 1999: Anthony vandalises the main staircase, causing Umbridge to put him in isolation.[15], wehere Vera brings him food [16]
  • 15th-21st March 1999: An accident in the Department of Mysteries causes a crack between universes. Everyone begins to have dreams of their lives as they might have been if Harry Potter had survived. The crack is eventually patched and dreams return to normal.
  • 19th March 1999: Kingsley Shacklebolt kidnaps Pansy Parkinson from Diagon Alley [17]
  • 23rd March 1999: Theodore Nott, Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini leave the Academy in search of Pansy [18]


  • 1st April 1999: The Outsiders release Pansy in exchange for her help on the inside [19] They return to the Academy, where Umbridge strips all three boys of their priviliges including servants and private rooms. James Potter takes responsibility for her kidnap and the price on his head increases.
  • 5th April 1999: James and Kingsley begin looking for a new Headquarters [20]
  • 5th April 1999: Regulus Black escapes from the enchanted cave and contacts his brother, Sirius [21]
  • 7th April 1999: Gabrielle Delacour enters the Slytherin Academy after the deaths of her parents [22]
  • 8th April 1999: Regulus returns the locket Horcrux to Voldemort and rejoins the Ruling Classes [23]
  • 8th April 1999: Neville is tortured by Evan Rosier and performs strong accidental magic [24] causing Umbridge to order him killed. Evan offers to take him off her hands.
  • 10th April 1999: Neville gives the Map and the Mirror to Ginny [25] before moving into Evan's rooms [26]
  • 10th April 1999: The annual Debutante Ball is held [27] During the ball, Ginny holds a meeting of the servants to inform them of Pansy's promise to teach them magic [28]
  • 10th April 1999: Theodore Nott Sr is killed by Kingsley Shacklebolt [29]
  • 23rd April 1999: The annual Servant Fair is held [30]
  • 24th-30th April 1999: The Outsiders begin moving into their new house [31]
  • 29th April 1999: Terrence Higgs turns twenty-one and leaves the Academy, choosing to become a bounty hunter.


  • 9th May 1999: Theodore and Zach break into Evan's rooms in order to provide Neville with medical assistance [32] Neville uses this information to negotiate his release.
  • 16th May 1999: Luna Lovegood is killed by Gregory Goyle in a class demonstration [33]
  • 16th May 1999: After hearing of Luna's death from Theodore, Vera Lestrange leaves the castle. [34]
  • 17th-22nd May 1999: Vera makes contact with Outsiders including Sirius and James [35]
  • 19th-24th May 1999: With Theodore's help, Fleur Delacour realises she is pregnant with Bill Weasley's child [36]
  • 26th May 1999: Remus is captured by Barty Crouch [37]


  • 2nd June 1999: Terrence visits Anthony Goldstein and gives him a frozen Ashwinder Egg [38]
  • 3rd June 1999: Vera tracks down and kills Gregory Goyle's father [39] sending his limbs to various people involved in Luna's death
  • 7th June 1999: Severus Snape tracks down Lily Potter as she is leaving work [40]
  • 8th June 1999: Anthony plants the Ashwinder Egg in Umbridge's office, where it explodes, injuring the Headmistress and Evan Rosier [41] Anthony escapes the castle with Terrence's help [42]
  • 8th June 1999: Barty Crouch puts the castle on high security lockdown [43] while Severus informs the Dark Lord of the situation [44]
  • 8th June 1999: Vera unwittingly speaks a taboo word, leading to her arrest by Barty [45]
  • 10th June 1999: Evan wakes up from a temporary coma, revealing that the explosion has left him with long-term memory loss [46]
  • 12th June 1999: Fred and George Weasley move into the Outsider's house [47]
  • 12th June 1999: Draco and Morag MacDougal murder a young servant named Jeremy for sport [48]
  • 13th June 1999: Blaise Zabini and Ella Lestrange torture and kill another servant
  • 14th June 1999: Augustus Rookwood begins his experiment to get the servants on their side [49]
  • 14th June 1999: Percy meets his brothers Fred and George to discuss aiding the servants and Outsiders [50]
  • 14th June 1999: Umbridge leaves the hospital wing and orders that all sevants be put on minimum rations.
  • 15th June 1999: Barty tortures Remus for information regarding the Outsiders, and Remus gives him Sirius' address [51]
  • 15th June 1999: Barty hands Vera over to her mother Bellatrix Lestrange [52]
  • 18th June 1999: Morag's parents send her a marriage contract to Cormac McLaggen, causing Cormac to duel Draco in the hallways [53]
  • 21st June 1999: While Fred and George are doing reconnaisance for their rescue mission, Terrence attacks them and captures George [54]
  • 22nd June 1999: Hearing the news of George's capture, Arthur Weasley visits the Outsider's House [55]
  • 22nd June 1999: Terrence meets Fred and offers to help find George, but doesn't reveal that he knows his twin's wherabouts [56]
  • 23rd June 1999: Anthony re-enters the school and leaves messages, angering the staff and causing some of the servants to become afraid for their own safety [57]
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