Birth and Early AcademyEdit

Vera Lestrange (December 21, 1981 - ) Is the eldest daughter of Rodolphus and Bellatrix Lestrange. She was the first child born into the Higher Families after Voldemort's takeover. She has two siblings Ella and Pollux Lestrange. Vera entered Slytherin Academy in 1997, at the age of sixteen.
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Despite her family and her skill at the Dark Arts she was uncomfortable with her actions and those of her family, which presented in the form of a nervous stomach and a slight addiction to Anti-Nausea potions. In August 1998 she was assigned a servant named Luna Lovegood with whom she became good friends, despite the difference in their statuses. She also took a place as a Beater for Araneaes.

Outsiders and RebellionEdit

On February 11,1999, Vera met her aunt Andromeda Tonks for the first time, and made her intial contact with the Outsiders. Unsure of her own loyalties, vera questioned her aunt, and promised to remain in contact. She later made similar contact with her cousin Sirius Black. Around this time she became romantically involved with a muggleborn servant named Su Li.

In early March of 1999, Vera broke into Headmistress Umbridge's isolation chambers to take food to Anthony Goldstein, a troublemaking servant. She had been helping the servants before by bringing blankets and supplying healing potions. She was punished for this by her father, but a few months later Vera left the school, following the death of Luna. She assumed several glamours, including one under the alias Charity Lee. In this time she made further contact with the Outsiders, and then went on to kill Goyle Senior.

After the Ashwinder Explosion at the Academy, Vera was caught and interrogated by Barty Crouch, and then kept restrained in a cell with Remus Lupin. On June 15, 1999 she was turned over to the custody of her mother, where she remaines locked in her bedroom.